Where Was The F.lower Artist Born From?


My name is Tanya and for the past 5 years I have been creating amazing flowers for weddings through my beloved business, Sugared Style.

Tanya Bensley founder of Sugared Style and The F.lower Artist
With a background in interior design, floristry and corporate events, I bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, innate design sense and polished professionalism to each event I was involved in. I have worked hard to build a reputation that was respected within the wedding industry. 
My extensive capabilities extend to creative conceptualisation, time management, budget control, supplier and vendor relationships, and on-the-day set up. My tenacious work ethic, attention to detail and complete dedication to every event I put my hand to is renowned within the industry. I was looking at the most successful year of business to date.

Tanya Bensley of Sugared Style at work creating a beautiful flower feature for a wedding
Flower creation by Sugared Style
Close up of wedding flower arrangement created by Sugared Style, Tanya Bensley

Close up of wedding flower arrangement stand created by Tanya Bensley of Sugared Style


But then Covid-19 Pandemic hit and within one week an entire calendar year worth of wedding bookings postponed leaving my business in a dire state.  

It was time to become resilient!

On many occasion friends, family and past clients had asked me to create a long lasting flower arrangement, as stunning as those I create for weddings, to be a feature within their home or place of business. 

With a large collection of dried and preserved product at my disposal (all of which I had purchased throughout the previous year on a whim with no real set purpose for any of it) I set about creating my first few arrangements and dried flower art pieces.


An Instagram account for The F.lower Artist was born, and I had a second business.

Oh and the dot in Flower??

It came about because the Instagram account name 'The Flower Artist' was taken. But it didn't take long for the quirk of the dot to become something I love.

The first custom design flower art piece I was given the opportunity to create was for The 104 Manor. Tara, owner of this beautiful manor, had a plain entry wall for which she needed a statement piece. 

Blank wall of the 104 Manor for which The F.lower Artist created a custom flower art piece
With my sketch book in hand, I created 5 design concepts that I felt would work in the space and Tara and I went back and forth until the design I had in mind married with the design Tara desired.
Sketch to show the 104 Manor their flower art design created by The F.lower Artist
This is a photo of the finished product...
Flower art arrangement custom created by The F.lower Artist for The 104 Manor
... from here I have sold many remade arrangements to spoil mothers on Mother's Day, created specific flower art pieces for home studios, bedrooms and kitchens. While also custom designing many large wall art or suspended features for homes and businesses such as Molly and Rose.

As with my clients for Sugared Style, I give my clients an assured confidence and constantly strive to exceed their expectations. I have a passion and love for both of my businesses and see the birth of The F.lower Artist as the silver lining to the cloud of the global shut down. 
Please click here to take a look at the work of Sugared Style and follow along as the journey continues for both Sugared Style and The F.lower Artist.
With positive vibrations,

Photo of Tanya Bensley founder of The F.lower Artist